Say “aaahhhhhh…” to Web Doctor

Destination Doctor expands to Web Doctor. I spend a significant amount of time surfing the web to confirm details and facts. I find an amazing number of errors, mistakes and confusing details on otherwise good looking websites.

Today, for example, five properties who pay for listings on particular websites had broken links. Their listing contains the business name, address, a few jumbled sentences seemingly tossed in at the last minute and a link to the property’s website. Clicking on the sites I got “Safari can’t find the server…”

In our impatient world, how many people are going to go to the effort to slog a property name into a search engine looking for a website, when a tap of the finger takes them to a competitor?

Another surprise came when I clicked on several properties of significant size and was taken to a site offering to sell me that business’ domain name because the owners let it lapse. Have they a new identity or did they forget to renew?

A number of the properties have copy which doesn’t truly reflect the quality of their product, service and location. There is a certain generic quality to many sites which fails to optimize their web presence, leaving them to blend in with the crowd. Other information is wildly outdated. Then there is the poor grammar, nonsensical punctuation and spelling mistakes. Additionally, local features, which could spur a traveller to stop and stay at a particular property or place, are omitted.

Let me “doctor” your website’s content by bringing my decades of experience in travelling the region, country and world meeting the competition and interviewing hoteliers, guests, meeting planners and incentive house reps to polish your web presence. – use “doctor” in the subject line.

An Added Service – One colleague, learning about Web Doctor wrote, “Fabulous service to offer. Another service you may want to add … some organizations have a great website, however, it’s not compatible for a smart phone. Of course, smart phones come in many sizes so it’s hard for a company to commit to one ‘mobile website’. However, if they are going to spend money, they may want to consider all options.”

Well, take note, Web Doctor has a specialist for that.

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