Successful storytelling starts here

“Storytelling” is the new vogue. We have progressed from “native advertising” (a description I thought slightly racist) and “sponsored content” to “storytelling”.

Okay, but what if you’re not a storyteller? What if you’re telling the wrong story? What if you’re overlooking cool stories within your organization? Not everyone has a story (or news) sense or understands how to present what is important in a lively, compelling way. For some organizations they are happy just to have something on-line and overlook the potential for maximizing their message.

For example, I recently participated in a familiarization trip for meetings professionals. This was an opportunity for a destination to showcase itself, its meeting and event infrastructure, and introduce local professionals and partners to clients from across North America.

One of the partner websites has a page directed to meeting professionals. Curiously, the lead focus is their “second largest ballroom”.

Their second largest ballroom is an attractive space, but I didn’t understand why a supplier would attempt to start a conversation with their second best asset. A member of the sales team explained that it was the city’s most popular ballroom, which is why they lead with it. Bingo!

That makes sense, but not the way it is presented to the world. The website should include the story the sales rep told me about its popularity. That’s where the storytelling starts. You need a professional storyteller to draw out the information and present it in the strongest possible way to stand out in a world of competitive storytelling.

Storytelling is part of the sales function. It shouldn’t be left to the technology team to handle. Their forte is delivering your story to all the places and platforms people congregate in in the digital world. They know their business. They don’t necessarily know yours. Too often busy executives hand sketchy ideas and details to their webmasters to install on-line. Unfortunately, the webmaster doesn’t know which ideas, facts, details and stories are the important ones for your clients. So what is presented to the world, in reality, satisfies only an internal audience and fails to address client needs.

A professional storyteller can solve those challenges and set you up for successfully servicing your clients. Destination Doctor helps you tell stories that sell.

By allanlynch