Is your message what customers want to hear?

Beach, ballroom or barn – whatever space you’re selling, is your message what the potential client wants – and needs – to hear?

Is your website working for or against you?

A website is a living ad for your business. It needs to show the benefit to the customer AND it must be accurate.

Too many hotel, off-site venues and convention centre websites are failing their employer by failing the customer. They’re inaccurate, generic and deliver a corporate sales message built on what a sales team wants to say without thought to what the reader wants to know. And, often without thought to how to make it easy for the planner customer to find that information.

For hotels, the meetings and incentive sector can account for 40 percent of revenue. For convention centres the sector is your sole reason to be. And for off-site venues meetings and incentive are the golden goose which subsidizes your other activities and work.

Are you 100% confident that your website is working for you? Have you wondered why a piece of business didn’t come your way? It could be as simple as your web content. For $300 Destination Doctor can do a web audit of your digital presence to ensure it really is a working asset and not a drag on your business. We have three decades of experience working with the meetings industry. We know the client complaints and we know what your competition is doing.

Our audits focus on content and accuracy. They are not a re-design. It’s a nimble, affordable process.

If you are a web designer or webmaster, we can work with you to hone your client content.

Can you afford the status quo?

To book your audit, email: