Hot topics

Some of the recent issues I have covered in my work:

–          how demographics and technology are changing space utilization and meeting design.

–          the impact of technology on meeting planners and how they work, and hot new meeting technology trends, like second-screen presentation and telepresence.

–       how connectivity is negatively impacting professional sports (this also impacts trade shows, conferences and meetings).

–       team building that matters.

–       corporate social responsibility – it’s not enough to be green, that’s a given, now groups are looking at ways of giving back.

–      maintaining your mojo: staying fresh after a century.

–       new style meetings, how event camps and learning lounges redefine how space is used, the way space is measured and furnished, and which spaces are bing hired.

–       the cost of the sound of silence. A study released last year shows only five percent of properties are responding properly to RFPs. And 30 percent don’t even both to respond – hope they’re your competitors because a lot of business is being left on the table.

–       the challenge of getting qualified people to accept your fam trip invitations. The really busy are everyone’s dream invitee, so what are you doing to stand out?

–       what is your message, how do you manage it, and does everyone on your side from staff to partners know the message? To badly paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, the medium isn’t the message.

–       the challenges of the plate. Special requests, as we all know, have gone through the roof.

–      and the latest in meeting trends (

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