Option 1

Option 1: Overview

Formal wear for the Calgary Stampede, media fam hosted by Travel Alberta.

With 20 years under my belt covering the meetings and incentive sector I still see destinations, properties and partners repeating the same mistakes or caught up in familiar traps. Some of that is because business is fluid yet we bring in new people and train them in the usual/old way or provide them with the usual/old talking points.

This talk will discuss the competition and how you get your share of attention in a world where some places seem to hog all the editorial coverage and others have unlimited funds in which to market themselves. How do you compare and how do you compete?

How much business are you losing by not acting fast enough or smart enough?

By hosting a fam trip you bring pre-qualified people of interest right to your destination or property. Sadly, so many prospects are lost or hurt by a tiny omission or error. I will share some of those and ask participants to dig into their experiences to see if they have committed some of these ‘sins’.


— common fam tour itinerary mistakes
— to check that your websites tell potential customers what they need to know
— review media releases
— gain an understanding of news cycles and how to work them and the trends to your advantage
— rate fam tour presentations (generic, wrong market, just bad, uninformed, good or great)
— evaluating how you handle inquiries from media and planners
— discussing how and if you follow up
— dissecting destination attributes to determine if features, venues and benefits are properly promoted and packaged to targeted markets
— and ask if you are optimizing your inherent tie-ins to various association, professional and business groups


The goal of the keynote is to ensure that your destination, properties and partners are on the same page and up to speed with what actually appeals to targeted markets. It’s about affordable re-invention (if required) to both maintain current markets and grow others. Think of it as a marketing makeover.

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