Is your message what customers want to hear?

Beach, ballroom or barn – whatever space you’re selling, is your message what the potential client wants – and needs – to hear?

Is your website working for or against you?

A website is a living ad for your business. It needs to show the benefit to the customer AND it must be accurate.

Too many hotel, off-site venues and convention centre websites are failing their employer by failing the customer. They’re inaccurate, generic and deliver a corporate sales message built on what a sales team wants to say without thought to what the reader wants to know. And, often without thought to how to make it easy for the planner customer to find that information.

For hotels, the meetings and incentive sector can account for 40 percent of revenue. For convention centres the sector is your sole reason to be. And for off-site venues meetings and incentive are the golden goose which subsidizes your other activities and work.

Are you 100% confident that your website is working for you? Have you wondered why a piece of business didn’t come your way? It could be as simple as your web content. For $300 Destination Doctor can do a web audit of your digital presence to ensure it really is a working asset and not a drag on your business. We have three decades of experience working with the meetings industry. We know the client complaints and we know what your competition is doing.

Our audits focus on content and accuracy. They are not a re-design. It’s a nimble, affordable process.

If you are a web designer or webmaster, we can work with you to hone your client content.

Can you afford the status quo?

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Does your website drive away business?

How much business is your website costing you?

Seriously, from a meetings perspective industry websites are a mess.

* They are inaccurate.

* They lack essential information.

* They are hard to navigate.

* They lack prominence.

* They overlook benefits which could help spur interest in the property or place.

Meetings account for 30 to 40 percent of a hotel’s business, yet the information planners and incentive houses need is dismissively handled on websites. It is little more than an afterthought. Convention centers and off-site venues are equally bad. Collateral print and digital materials don’t compliment websites.

I have recently researched back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back destination pieces for meeting magazines and the shoddy detail, missing detail and lack of direction is almost an industry standard. The oversights and errors may be becoming codified by the consolidation in property ownership, which spreads a mistake made at one property across the brand and to all flags within the chain. Today a VP destination sales told me that in his nine years on the job I was the first person to point out the glaring error in their website. It’s bad enough that the organization didn’t realize this, but how many planners have been misinformed and moved on to a competitor destination which they thought better fit their needs?

Instead of being the property or venue’s 24/7 workhorse, websites are frustrating and turning off potential clients. The attitude towards the information is about 15 years behind customer needs and work habits.

The fix isn’t expensive. It’s about knowing what planners and incentive houses require and look for, and understanding their frustrations at what essential information consistently ignored by increasingly generic websites. So far web audits take less than a day to complete, and probably less than an hour for the client’s webmaster to implement.

I could be more detailed in what needs to be done, but web audits are a service I sell. My audits are based on 27 years covering the meetings and incentive sector for magazines in Canada and the United States. It’s an inexpensive way to be relevant to key buyers.

You invest in a website because you believe it’s important for your business, so why wouldn’t you audit it to ensure it accurately represents your property and service?